24 December 2007

All I want for Christmas is an nice Long Neck Root Beer!

Recently a buddy of mine dropped off a four pack of Stewart's Root Beer. I'll have to remember to thank him. Stewart's claims on the bottle that it is "cold brewed draft". It's a "High Fructose Corn Syrup" root beer with such other noteable ingredients as "Citric Acid, Quillaia Extract, Gum Acacia, and Yucca Extract". 

In 1990, Cable Car Beverage Corporation acquired the bottling rights for Stewart's and began selling Stewart's Root Beer in 12 oz. amber glass bottles. In November of 2000, Stewart's along with Mistic, Royal Crown and Snapple Brands were sold to Cadbury Schweppes, PLC. www.drinkstewarts.com

I personally enjoy Stewart's alot. It has a good amount of flavor and is light on fizz. It's not as smooth as, say, an A&W, but doesn't kick like Barq's. It's also caffeine free!